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One Pillar Pagoda whose letter is Dien Huu (long-term blessing) was built in 1049 during the reign of King Ly Thai Tong. Legend has it that when that King Ly Thai Tong elderly that do not have a son, the king often go to the temples to pray. One night he dreamed Buddha Avalokitesvara up station square lotus flowers in a lake west of Thang Long, hand picked boys gave it to the king. Shortly after the birth of a son queen. The king to build the One Pillar Pagoda has the appearance as seen in the dream to worship Buddha Avalokiteshvara.

Common name is the One Pillar Pagoda, located in the community of Dien Huu pagoda (longevity). The temple is located on village land Bao Quang Duc, the Tay Citadel Thǎng Long Ly, now part of the One Pillar Pagoda Street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi, right Lǎng President Ho Chi Minh.

According to Dai Viet sign the letter, the temple was built in the years of the Ox, dating Sung Hung Bao 1 (1409) Ly Thai Tong. King Ly Thai Tong (1028-1054) dreamed Guan Yin Buddha on lotus hands fit on the court. When I woke up, the king told the hearing, the person is not good omen. Thien Tue professor advised the king to the temple, up stone column in the middle of the lake, as the lotus of Buddha Avalokiteshvara as seen in dreams. Temple built, lotus thousand wings support judge pink, in sparkling gold statue of Buddha. Monks to celebrate, go around the temple for Buddha bless the king a long life, so named Dien Huu pagoda.

According vǎn beer stand years of Tri 3 graphics usual Siddhartha record, the temple was built from the time of the Road: "the first years of dating Ham Road ..., up a stone pillar in the middle of the lake, on the construction of a building column pearl floor which puts Buddha Guanyin worship. placing them his Spirit, what is this. until Ly dynasty capital building here, also follow the old seal, should be as sacred. When Ly Thanh Cardboard no Prince, often to pray. A dream that night Buddha Avalokitesvara invited upstairs to sit, hug a baby king. months pregnant queen prince. king fix more Dien temple Huu right One Pillar Pagoda to expand worship ... "

Ly Nhan Tong, years of Chieu Anh Vu St. 5 (1080) King for casting large bells to hang in the temple called the "common Sense World" (bell awakened life) and a home court means green stone 8 school, but because the bell is too heavy stars hook up, right to the ground should beat not cry. Accommodation fields to low tones, with many turtles, called canonical fields and bell also called canonical bells. When Ming troops besieged in Dongguan, gas troops, United had to break this bell to cast bullets.

One Pillar Pagoda scale in the 12th century to greater splendor than the current lot. Vǎn beer turret Thien Dien Linh Long Doi Pagoda (Nam Ha) years of 1121, sixteen years after the new temple completed, provide the most realistic picture of a temple column Ly: "devotion Buddha, causal piety slope, towards the garden holding the famous building Dien Huu pagoda. According to the traces of the old temple with the king's new (Ly Nhan Tong). Morning "Dao fragrant lake Linh Chieu, middle of the lake, jumped a stone column, column peak blooming lotus thousand wings, on a lotus stand trial electric blue, the golden statue of virtue, around the lake are two corridors; Bich Tri ponds on each side both had to go through the rainbow. The back yard, two front sides described property, build stupas Vidudabha.

"Every month early on the first day (day care), of years in the opportunity du spring, the king sat jade car, to open vegetarian feast to the temple offering floral, pray for the long-term throne, pelvic presentation Brass ceremony bathing Buddha. Decorations exquisite statues, the general appearance of the chart years of beings ... "










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