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West Lake is also the name of such as Dam physics, Lake Taurus, Lang Bac, Dam Dam, Doai Lake, is the largest natural lake in the city of Hanoi.Lake has an area of over 500 hectares with a perimeter of 18 km. Lake is located in northwest central Hanoi.Geographical sector history has proven, West Lake is one of the old Red River in the condensation process after changing river flow. The adjacent area around West Lake will be planned to become the new center of Hanoi in the near future. Gradually replace the current position is Hoan Kiem Lake.

West Lake is located in the northwest of the city of Hanoi with an area of ​​about 500 ha, the road around the lake near 20km. Geography, industry history has shown that, the lake is a section of the Red River dropped, after the change, maybe even thousands of years.

West Lake, also known as lakes Blind Chance (dress), Buffalo Lake Gold (Taurus Lake), dress Determination PR. Each name up between a record of the source of the legendary West Lake.

A French tourist named Michel said that this is the fourth time he arrived in Vietnam, but how many times at West Lake and then, he could not remember by West Lake with his beautiful and charming - yet heart.

West Lake is the most romantic corner of the multi-colored picture of Hanoi; is the world of the clear breeze, liberal and rich poetry. That is why for so long it is still the source of inspiration of poets, writers, artists ... with a variety of songs, poems write about West Lake, West Lake as yet thought of.

Beautiful West Lake is not only by the vast blue water, not only is purple in color wheel, red rose petals phoenix each summer, the sad man marking of space, that the willow leaves the way, the shimmer of Pure morning ... that West Lake is beautiful because it is like a heart embraces in his the sad happy state of so many people.

Every morning dawn, hundreds of people, both young and old to find this place to be sniffed the fresh air and exercise. Thanh Nien Road is the gateway reader of the bike loaded with flowers, rustic restaurant burdens "flows" into the heart of Hanoi.

West Lake became the meeting place, for people to look to as an inertia. Thanh Nien Road, also named Co Ngu street beautiful former boundary between West Lake and Truc Bach lake, after the still very busy afternoon.

Some people find a corner in the lake to wind damage, sipping coffee in a roadside shop, taste the famous shrimp cake, eating ice cream; luxury restaurant located on the edge of the lake or the lake, or on the yacht ...

There are people who just like to walk around the lake to clear sniffed the air and then go somewhere or go home. East especially weekends. The flow of Westlake sometimes jams the Youth a long way.

Large deck on a lake, with a happy smiling couple in wedding amid blessings of family and friends. The bank, at a certain bench with old silver hair euphoria, holding a walking stick up to the west coast sunset down ...

West Lake is not only a tourist only ideal, but it also contains the national cultural values. Around the lake there are more than 20 temples, temples have been ranked with many famous monuments with many cultural values ​​such as more than 100 stone, 165 sentences, 140 horizontal, ancient bell near 20, 60 colors deified, over 300 statues in bronze, wood, stone.

Many temples, shrines, but perhaps Hanoi, tourists still find Quan Thanh Temple, Tran Quoc Pagoda, West Lake and covered. People who come here not only to enjoy the beauty of the architecture of ancient temples, but also for good luck, blessings ... ever is on the full moon day, tenth lunar month and holidays, Tet.

West of West Lake is still very much the village. Each village here are more or less tied to a place, a sedimentary history. Nghi Tam village, home to the poet "Ba Huyen Thanh Quan" with Kim Lien Pagoda with unique architecture. Xuan Tao Village Lights Soc St. Quote Sai Village Millennium Temple church her weaving the domain. Thuy Khe village with her guest. Nhat Tan village with flower petal colors of the famous train. Then the paper village, ward casting etc.

Westlake is Hanoi's place to relax and is also an ideal place of foreigners who live and work at Ha Thanh place, with hundreds of villas west. Than ten years ago, it was just to the west of West Lake to the village flower, peach, to go to the temple, Tay Ho ... government, in recent years, racing to open the restaurant, many gradually and then into food court with a lyrical landscape for those who want to "change the wind" tired after working hours.





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